Five Strategies for Unlocking Productivity

Your Third Base – Maplewood, NJ

Have you been searching for better methods of productivity? Are you worried that you are not as efficient as you should be at work? No matter what industry you are in, we all share the quest for optimizing our efficiency. Here are five effective strategies to help you boost your productivity and achieve your professional goals.

Embrace the Power of Breaks

The idea of taking a break may seem counterintuitive to productivity, however, research has repeatedly demonstrated that breaks are an essential part of productivity. Work days can be hectic, but working through lunch or skipping breaks can lead to diminishing returns. Schedule short breaks throughout your day. Use this time to step away from your desk, stretch, breathe, or even take a quick walk. You’ll return to your tasks with a fresher mind and increased focus. 

Focus on the Task at Hand

While Multitasking can make you feel like a superhero, it often hinders rather than enhances productivity. Dedicate focused time to one task at a time, rather than diving your attention and risking additional errors and stress. When you eliminate the mental chaos of multitasking, you’ll find completing your work to be much more efficient. 

Upgrade Your Workspace

Your workspace is where you are spending the majority of your day, so treat it accordingly. Create an environment that is well organized and encourages efficiency. Struggling with neck or back pain from hunching over your desk all day? Invest in a new office chair, or opt for a sit-stand desk. Studies have shown that when used in moderation, standing desks can boost productivity and energy levels. 

At Your Third Base in Maplewood, all of our desks are easily adjustable, so you can come from sitting to standing with the click of a button. 

Maintain Healthy Habits Outside the Office

What you do outside of work is just as important as what you do while you are on the clock. Maintaining healthy habits like quality sleep each night, eating balanced meals and regular physical activity will reduce the need for caffeine-induced energy spikes and will lead to a more sustainable solution. 

Changing Scenery

Sometimes, all you need is a change of pace to spark your next creative invention. Try working from a different location to give you a fresh perspective, whether it be a coffee shop, a different room in your home, or a dynamic coworking space like Your Third Base

Our Maplewood location offers members the unique experience of Peet’s Coffee Shop. It’s the perfect spot to break away from your usual routine and find the inspiration you need to boost your productivity.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can feel like a struggle to stay ahead of the game. By incorporating these five effective strategies for productivity into your daily routine, you can give yourself an extra edge in your efficiency.

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