Open Access

Open Access

A Flexible, Low-Cost Solution

An open access membership grants you access to cowork in the YTB space. This is the perfect solution for the apartment resident who just needs to get out of the house or someone looking for somewhere to work a few times a week. An open access member are free to use the café space to work in and take advantage of our premium Wi-Fi, only available to YTB members. If you need to take a private phone call or have a meeting, open access members can use any of the 5 phonebooths throughout the facility. Other benefits of an Open Access membership are listed below.


Starting at $249/mo

What’s Included:

  • Full Access to YTB Space
  • Ability to cowork in the Café
  • Monthly credits for bookable spaces
  • Discounts at Peet’s Café
  • Phonebooths
  • High-speed internet
  • Optional access to Industrious network locations
Bookable Space Credits

Open Access members get 6 credits per month at a value of $25 each

Bookable SpacesHourly Rate
1-2 Person Office$25 / 1 Credit
3+ Person Office$50 / 2 Credits
Podcast Studio$50 / 2 Credits
5 Person Huddle Room$50 / 2 Credits
8+ Person Conference Room$75 / 3 Credits
Café Perks

As an open access member you will receive discounts at the café of 20% for food and premium beverages as well as free brewed Peets coffee. 

Member Portal

Open access members will get access to our member portal. This will allow them to:

  • Seamlessly reserve rooms
  • Personalized access control 
  • Add and pay for membership additional services 
  • Organize and host events
  • Send messages to YTB members and group message boards
  • Order items from the café at discounted rate
Open Access